If you worry, they worry. If you sound like you’re expecting your child to dislike the experience, they will pick up on your anxiety. Build on the excitement around the haircut and not anxiety. 


Talk about the haircut beforehand, in simple terms, about what’s going to happen, and get them excited about it. Play hairdressing at home so they know what to expect at the salon.

Make sure they understand that getting their haircut does not hurt in any way. Be excited and encouraging. 


Let us know in advance about any previous experiences your child has had to help us find the best approach from the beginning. Try and do this discretely (so your child can not hear) as the last thing you want them to do is relate past bad experiences with your visit. 


If you think your child will need time to relax, feel free to arrive a little earlier, but remember they can get bored easily. Feel free to come in just to look around to familiarise them with the environment a few days prior to your appointment. 


We do provide cutting capes to avoid hair getting on their skin, but we would never make a child wear one if they don’t want to. In this instance, we would advise that you bring an extra t-shirt/top to get those itchy hairs away from their skin. This can make a world of difference in the child’s haircut experience. 


There are many aspects to having a haircut (wearing a cape, having hair sprayed with water, etc.). If your child is happy having their haircut but not with the water spray then feel free to wash their hair before you come in so that it is already wet and ready for the stylist. 


Prior to the appointment ask yourself: do they need a nap? Are they hungry? You know when the best time is for your child, so please arrange a suitable appointment time. 


Children often dislike having haircuts as they don’t understand that it’s something they have to grow up doing. Therefore, just like the other necessities of life, they need to learn that haircuts are a part of life (whether they like it or not). On average, boys should be getting their haircut every 4-6 weeks and girls on average every 8-10 weeks. 


Due to the popularity of our hairdressing service, it is always better to call ahead and book your appointment, either by phone  Online or by popping into the salon. 


If you have any problems or are not happy with our service, please speak to us.  

Please note: It is our policy that we will not cut hair with head lice and eggs to keep up our hygiene standards. However, we are happy to discuss remedies and recommended products to eliminate and protect against head lice.